this girl is the fucking worst they need to stop hiring her for teens react like she literally said she wasn’t said about the kids in newton getting killed

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That Stiles post circulating should have been about the people Stiles has hurt and how it’s time for Stiles to grow the fuck up and stop being an asshole just because he can. Instead, Stiles stans have congregated on the post to write essays about how special and damaged Stiles is and have completely excused him from being a decent human being and treating people with respect and/or empathy.

It’s not that. It’s really not. It’s that everyone is blowing it out of proportion. If he had said it about ANYTHING that wasn’t a mental disorder, the fandom wouldn’t have lost it’s shit. He wasn’t making light of mental health. He was actually acknowledging what a problem it is and what a problem it is for him to have werewolf powers.

No, Stiles isn’t some special hurt or whatever human. I am sure some people have said that. No. You know what he is? Fucking stressed and probably a bit agitated.

It’s basic psychology (they literally teach this to you in INTRO to psych) that stress INCREASES a person’s aggression. Meaning they are more likely to do something aggressive. Have you ever said something you regretted because you were mad or frustrated? Something people would consider offensive, not politically correct, or insensitive? Most if not all people have.

Bottom line is the fandom is overreacting to this because it was said about a mental disorder. There is no need to make a big deal about this honestly. If you really feel better about ranting about what a terrible person Stiles is, then great. I hope it makes you happy and I guess that’ll improve your Teen Wolf experience somehow.

Remember, it’s a TV show. If you don’t like it, you can always stop watching it.

So because Stiles feels a certain way he should just be excused? Because Stiles is stressed out and irritated we should just accept the things he says? Despite the fact that everyone else is just as stressed out because oh idk THEY ARE ACTUALLY ON THE DAMN HIT LIST?? It has nothing to do with stress and irritation. Stiles has said horrible things to people in moments of being absolutely content. Don’t even try to pretend that this was a product of Stiles’ fragile nerves. And even if it is, so the fuck what? Should we just suddenly be accepting of his lack of empathy because of his feelings. Is Stiles’ stress more valuable than that of any other character? 

Should Liam have to hear a person make fun of his mental disorder because that person is Stiles and Stiles is stressed out? Should Isaac have to listen to someone make fun of his abuse because that someone is Stiles and “oh Stiles is under a lot of stress right now you’ll have to excuse him.” Should Lydia be yelled at for wanting to save Jackson because “do you know how I would feel. I’d be devastated.” 

This is gonna sound an awful lot like I hate Stiles but FUCK STILES STILINSKI’S FUCKING FEELINGS!! I’m so fucking sick of this shit. People shouldn’t have to take shit because a privileged little white boy is having a tough day. His feelings should not be his pass to disregard everyone else’s feelings.

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Zach pranking Amber!

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remember kony 2012

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Once Upon a Harry Potter - Episode 1


For some reason it just hits me hard how Zach starts to cry harder specifically when Frankie says how his grandfather called him ‘perfect’ after coming out. 





new and improved fangirl challenge [2/20 family ships]: Callie & Jude Jacob

"You’re not gonna split us up, are you? Cause I won’t leave my brother.”

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friends meme: 2/7 episodes · the one where everybody finds out

God, they thought they could mess with us? They’re trying to mess with us? They don’t know that we know they know we know!

Q: how do you know that for a fact? you're gorgeous. not sure why he can't see that. -Anonymous

thank you sweetie, but i’ve doubt you’ve seen me in a while bc i never post selfies. i’ve kind of let myself go this past year. i can’t really blame him, and i guess i don’t know that for a fact, i just assumed.

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Q: he probably doesn't even think your gross. your crush seems really nice i mean if he was willing to protect you he probably likes you as a person at least a little bit lol -Anonymous

he’s nice to the people he cares about, but not to the people he doesn’t. he liked me as a person but he does think i’m ugly (or at least he thinks i am bc i’m overweight) i know that for a fact lol. 

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